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Top Weekly Gaming Laptop Deals!

Hello deal hunters!

The best gaming laptop deals for the week are here:

This Week’s Best Deals

CPU: Intel Core i7-13700HX


RAM: 16GB DDR5-4800

Display: 16” 2560 × 1600 240Hz


$1299.99 at Best Buy
Save $500 (28%)
Was $1799.99

Comments: I was excited to see this deal return! It’s not the cheapest RTX 4070 laptop, that goes to the HP Victus 16 this week for $150 less, but it’s priced well for a more premium option.

Lenovo’s Legion Pro series is just a great all round option from our testing with nice build quality, software, features and performance.

CPU: Intel Core i7-13650HX


RAM: 16GB DDR5-4800

Display: 15.6” 1920 × 1080 165Hz


$899.99 at Dell
Save $250 (22%)
Was $1149.99

Comments: Yeah, we had this deal a couple of weeks ago – but it’s back, and one of the better RTX 4060 options currently available this week.

The only cheaper option we’ve got listed currently is the Acer Nitro V for $50 less, but the Dell has a better processor, screen, build quality, and double the SSD space – easily worth the extra.

CPU: Intel Core i9-13900HX



Display: 16” 2560 × 1600 240Hz


$1749.99 at Best Buy
Save $550 (24%)
Was $2299.99

Comments: We highlighted Acer’s Helios 16 with RTX 4080 graphics as a great deal in last week’s email – but now it’s $50 cheaper.

Granted, the older B&H deal (which has since ended) came with double the RAM, so you’d end up spending about the same amount in total if you wanted to upgrade to 32GB.

This deal is also through Best Buy though, rather than B&H, who have a better return policy.

From our testing, RTX 4080 laptop graphics offer a huge 55% FPS boost compared to the RTX 4070 at 1440p. The 4080 can really be worth it for a few hundred dollars more compared to a 4070 if you want to take things to the next level.

These are some nice deals – but sales change over time. Our website is updated multiple times a day, so check it out regularly to save money 🤑

Video of the Week

In this week’s laptop review we covered Lenovo’s Legion 5 – one of the best mid-range gaimng laptops back in 2022.

Last year in 2023 they replaced it with the Legion Slim 5, but now it’s back in 2024 alongside the Slim 5 version, and I compare the two here. Check it out 👇

Tip of the Week

Keep your gaming laptop cool!

Heat kills hardware, so this is important to help your laptop last as long as possible.

If your laptop has vents underneath, make sure they’re not blocked. If you can see dust, it’s time to open it up for a clean.

Using your laptop on a flat surface like a desk is the way to go. Avoid using it on something soft like a bed, as this blocks the fans and may result in higher temperatures.

Higher temperatures can result in thermal throttling (worse performance) and a hotter feeling machine, which is just uncomfortable during those long gaming sessions.

A cooling pad is a good way to improve airflow, but based on our testing, a cheaper basic stand gets you most of the benefits.

Alright, these are our favorite gaming laptop deals of the week! Did we miss something you have your eyes on 👀? Reply and let us know!

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