How Often Should You Buy a New Gaming Laptop?

The Short Answer

Buy a new gaming laptop when the one that you have no longer does what you need. Our daily updated gaming laptop deals will help you save money!

The Longer Explanation

There are a few different signs that let you know it’s time to consider a new gaming laptop.

  • When Your Older Laptop Doesn’t do the Job
    The biggest sign that it’s time to buy a new gaming laptop is that the games you want to play no longer run smoothly at acceptable setting levels at your screen’s native resolution.

    You can absolutely compromise by lowering the game’s resolution and setting levels to make it easier to run. However, this will not last forever, and if you prefer playing with higher FPS and a nicer looking game, then an upgrade to a new gaming laptop is the way to go.

  • You Want Newer Tech Features
    You can also user newer upscaling features like FSR or DLSS to help boost performance. FSR works on pretty much any GPU, while DLSS requires an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU. NVIDIA also have Frame Generation for RTX 40 series GPUs, which makes game play feel smoother. These are examples where upgrading to a new gaming laptop gets you access to the latest advancements in technology.

    Unfortunately, most gaming laptops do not have upgradeable CPUs or GPUs, so your only option is to upgrade the entire laptop.

  • How Long Should my New Gaming Laptop Last?
    Generally speaking, a gaming laptop should typically last between 3-5 years. This varies depending on a number of factors, including how well you maintain your laptop, how you treat it, and even luck. You can find out more about how long a gaming laptop should last here.
  • Do I need a New Gaming Laptop Every Year?
    Some people buy a new gaming laptop every year. They want to stay on the bleeding edge with the latest and greatest tech. This is not required or recommended for most people. You’ll end up spending more money for diminishing returns.

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting the latest and greatest tech, but you don’t need to break the bank to have a fun time playing the latest games.

I Need a New Gaming Laptop!

If you’re finding your laptop too slow in the latest games or frustrating to use, it might be time for an upgrade. Check out the latest gaming laptop deals on our site to save money!