These are the Best Times to Buy a New Gaming Laptop

Looking for a new gaming laptop? Stop! Don’t spend your hard-earned money just yet! These are the best times of the year when you can find a deal and save money!

Every day, we actively track and curate the latest gaming laptop deals on this website for you. This constant monitoring has made us familiar with when the best sales happen throughout the year.

Before we dig into the best sale periods, it’s important to understand when new gaming laptops hit the market each year.

When Do New Gaming Laptops Come Out?

For the past few years, new gaming laptop hardware has been announced in January during CES – the biggest annual tech event of the year.

This is when Intel and AMD announce their new laptop CPUs, and NVIDIA and AMD announce their new laptop GPUs.

The big laptop makers (like ASUS, Dell, Lenovo etc) usually release their new gaming laptops after these announcements. Why? Because the CPU and GPU are what make a laptop powerful, and they want to use the newest parts.

If January isn’t too far away, it’s probably worth waiting a little to find out what’s just around the corner. Even if you don’t end up buying the latest and greatest, you can often save money with a slightly older last generation model.

Sometimes, new laptop parts are announced at another tech event in the middle of the year called Computex. But this isn’t always the case, like in 2023, when no new laptop parts were shown.

The Best Times of the Year to Buy a New Gaming Laptop

Now that we know when new gaming laptops usually come out, let’s look at the best times to buy a gaming laptop.

  1. Black Friday / Cyber Monday (November): It’s no surprise that Black Friday is the best time of the year for gaming laptop deals. This is the biggest sale of the year and is right before end of year Christmas holidays. Plus, we know that new gaming laptops get announced just two months later in January, so the brands want to clear out their older stock before the new models arrive. This combination means you’ll save the most amount of money on your next gaming laptop.
  2. Amazon Prime Day (July): We didn’t see many gaming laptop sales in 2023 until Prime Day – Amazon’s biggest sale of the year. Although Amazon ran some good sales, the best gaming laptop sales came from other companies like Best Buy, who also wanted to join the fun with their own “Black Friday in July” sale.
  3. Back-To-School Sales (July/August): This period is typically more focused towards general-purpose laptops for school use, but gaming models may still see some nice deals.

As you can see, these sales all happen in the second half of the year.

Although new gaming laptops get announced at the start of the year at CES, it can take about 6 months before we start seeing cheaper prices with great sales.

There isn’t usually a big price drop to last gen models in this time either. Prices just sort of slowly come down on older products over time. They don’t tend to instantly drop as soon as new models hit the shelves.

Some brands release their new gaming laptops right after the January announcements, while others wait a few more months. The older a laptop model is, the more likely it is to go on sale. This means if a laptop comes out later in the year or gets delayed, you might have to wait longer for a good sale on that model.

I Can’t Wait, I Need a Laptop Now!

Maybe you don’t have time to wait for the next big sale. You need a laptop now for work, school, or just to play games with your friends – what can you do?

The best thing you can do is to regularly check our website. We update it every day with the best current gaming laptop sales to help you save money!